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Well, here’s the thing, cage the elephant is one of my favourites band, their sound, their lyrics (jesus their lyrics) and all that energy that they transmit through their songs, it’s just amazing!! They are coming to my country (argentina) and I will see them performing live in a few days and also i got the chance to meet them, the chance to share a few minutes with them, a chance to say how thankful i’m for their music and how their songs got into my head and made me forget about all the shitty moments that i’ve been through the last years. Music has been the only thing that always have been with me, i love music more than anything, so if you had at least just one minute you can give me a hand with this (or in this case an RT) i’ve never done this before, but i don’t wanna let this opportunity pass.

Ps: sorry for doing this
Ps2: sorry for my english

Mil Gracias
!!!! Fijate tal vez hacen sorteo de entradas, o sos del interior?
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